Priscilla and Poppleton💗💙

I'm squealing with excitement right now! How adorable is this prissy preemie? Her mommy said I was sitting on top of her incubator for 16 days in the nicu. I'm so piggy proud to be celebrating Emma's one month birthday with her. I have a feeling that we are gonna be besties forever!🐷💕👶🏼🎀#GottaGettaPrissyandPop #GottaGettaGUND #diamondsandpearls #GUND #PrissyandPop





So beautiful


Ahhh this is perfection! Love ii

valeria hernández

@jerlybecerra jajajaj nada de cerditos


Oh thank goodness that sweet baby is ok. I am sure she will always love 🐖

Jane Stack

This is one sweet piggy princess! 💕

Ellen Ahders

Totally precious and priceless!!! Too adorable for words!!!