50 Cent

I'm getting fly right now, (Philipp Plein) I Run New York. #50centralbet




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ur all in but then i did somethign to you see them i didnt u seen rev its doing that shit so its doin tbulshit it hats jamicans right ok how ur living ems dead how do u think it hates u yes they fagots thats all rigth so why u tyring to fights with me for

🤓 Mean bitch

@ceejaythepulser bitch 6’1 is short tf.... 6’3 and up is tall ... get off midget dick bitch

Fahad(Cee Jay)Naseeb

@hibitch_nowbye when was @50cent 6’1 (185.42 cm) is considered midget ass huh???????

Perfection 🦋

Nice jeans

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now beg italin man bout its not like that but we all know it is