#ThisIsLondon PART 1 | Today we release a new short film by @Josh.Perrett entitled "New Beginnings". LINK IN BIO to watch full film. 🔥 We asked Josh to create this piece for a conference held by #MicroFocus in September which was called #DiscoverTheNew. When you think of discovery and new beginnings, or fresh starts, it evokes all sorts of feelings and emotions, and makes you look harder at the world around you. Josh has explored sunrises and sunsets, and uniquely captures the people and a perspective on London which makes this short, arguably the best piece of #London video we've ever featured. Thanks to Josh for his dedication and his relentless pursuit to capture so many exquisite London details. This is genuinely a masterpiece. Please share it with your friends and families. ❤️ DB

London, United Kingdom



Laura Smith

Omg beautiful video! Love london even more! 😍

John Romero

There is a lot of beatiful details in a normal day in London. I love this videos.

Michelle Alipio

Beautiful 😍