Black Jaguar-White Tiger

I've flown to Europe three times this year only because I Love this woman immensely. Her, Ana and Cata are my best girl // friends. She always introduces me as Kalelito. The other night (3 months ago), she asked me to destroy a guy that was being rude to one of her friends. She told me: "Kalelito, please destroy him". I walked to the guy and asked him to leave because there was not going to be a second warning. One of the biggest compliments that I've received came from her. We were on a boat and she told me: "You really Love me and not for the money that I give to your Foundation". We need all the money possible to continue our project but I couldn't care less about money. Existence always provides. 1 week later, as Karma wanted it, that guy that I asked to leave, got in a motorcycle accident and broke his leg. It's been 19 years since I've wished or done something wrong to someone, but bad people always pay their tribute to my daughter Karma. And she bites hard... #KarmisForever #SwarovskiByFiona #PapaBearChronicles





She's a wonderful lady.


karma never sleeps


@crashash I told you that people shouldn't mess with me or my kids they will pay. See it's real!!


aww your smiling

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