Albert Pujols

A big shout out to @nickjonas for making Saturday's event @angels @strikeoutslavery a successful one! #strikeoutslavery







Poo holes


No entiendo está foto, Albert mide 1,90, supera a Nick por 20 centímetros y lucen del mismo tamaño o incluso Nick un poco más alto, pero está linda y no sé porqué me llena de orgullo.

Gabe Renteria

Hello your my absolute favorite baseball player, I'm going to the game tomorrow and it's gonna be my first. I'm so glad y'all are playing the Astros (I live in baytown which is right next to Houston 😂) but y'all are my team.. I'll be cheering y'all on. Good luck on tomorrows game

Sadie Perez

Wish that was me

Los Angeles, CA

Please retire! 😭