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Couldn’t be better.✨🐶✨おつまる〜*\(^o^)/* 今日は身体が軽いかんじ!


From standby to superstar: Any terrain doesn't matter!

Photos: @rauhutphotography for #MBsocialcar

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[Mercedes-AMG C 43 4MATIC Coupé | Fuel consumption combined: 8 - 7.8 l/100 km | combined CO2 emissions: 183 - 178 g/km]


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Celebrating four year as The Blueboys on Instagram! ❤
Mum opened an Instagram account as an outlet to post all her photos of us bc she was spamming the heck out of FB friends with 3+ photos a day of us and they were starting to question her sanity 😂
When she started the Instagram she thought it was just a gallery space to upload her photos, she had no idea it was an interactive platform to share pictures with other people who had similar interests using hashtags. For a month she was literally uploading photos to nobody 😂
After Mum got with the times, she decided to start using #staffy and #staffylover on her pics. People from nowhere who also LOVED Staffies came from everywhere to like and comment lovely things on her photos of us. So mum decided to document our lives each day uploading all the cute things we did.
Before long there were many many people who followed our daily lives. We would get so many messages every day telling us how happy our pictures made them. We had lots of people tell us that our photos were helping them through tough times or illnesses and some that said our page was their only source of happiness in their days. We were so proud to be making a positive difference in people's lives. This started a real passion within Mum, to make people feel this way. So she made a commitment that our page would always be a happy place on the internet where people could come for a guaranteed smile or giggle. Regardless of any awful things going on in the world, on the internet or even problems in our own world, Mum would come to Instagram every day to make people smile with happy pictures of us. She knew that if we kept it 100% happy regardless of anything that people could always rely on us to feel happy if they are down.
We feel that we have such an amazing connection with everyone on here but we also feel that our fans all have a connection with each other too. It's a relationship we've all built together from having one huge thing in common, loving Staffies. ❤
We're grateful to be able to do this every day. And we love that you guys feel the happiness that we put in to our page.
Four years on Instagram, here's to many more. 🐶🐶❤


@jharden13, @cp3 & the @houstonrockets celebrate a wild season-opening WIN! #KiaTipOff17


When you're trying to do a selfie while mom's putting on your shirt🐹🤣


Photo by @manumanuti
For Manu Espinosa Nevraumont (@manumanuti), weekends are spent taking photos with friends — and colorful backdrops. “I wanted to express how important photography is to me, and how it’s a part of my everyday life,” says Manu. “This photo includes one of my favorite places in the city and one of my closest friends.” #WHPmyeveryday


Game 3, like the #NLCS so far, is all @Dodgers.


What’s your favorite snack? 😆🤤


Bear cub or puppy? Either way, I LOVE HIM! 😍


Max, Bernese Mountain Dog (9 w/o), Bloomfield & 3rd St., Hoboken, NJ • "He already weighs 15 pounds. He's a handful.”


The beginning of a beautiful friendship 😍
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Ok seriously, where is my uber?! 😒🤔⁉🚗


Loves that in Colorado you can wake up with friends, have coffee and talk, then before the sunsets for the night be at 13,000ft to watch it all. Special land around here ✨


A heart disease survivor MEOWself... Nurse Milla is here at your service. 😺❤️🏩 Check out @bigtoly shop to get the cutest costumes for your pet this season! 🎃 #millathecat #bigtoly #cardiologist #heartdiseaseawareness #CHF #nursecostume


🐒🐒 .

うーちゃんの・・・ クラッキング( ò ω ó )カッカッカッ🐥 .

cracking.🐒 .





Fur real? You've got to be kitten me.