Earlier today, we hung out with @damianlillard as he visited @realsway at #SwayInTheMorning to promote his second studio album, #CONFIRMED!





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Brian Johnson Sr.

Amen Brother!! Lifelong insane Steelers Fan ! Who they lost today I'm done watching the NFL right now!! I guess fighting on front lines in a fighting hole with death all around us and my brothers n sisters who where wrapped in the flag and brought home to their loved ones for Alls Freedom, and all this doesn't mean anything to some! I guess we should just bring all the military protecting us right now home, and then see about inequality! The Politicians //Government and News Media are the ones Manipulating you go after them! Leave the flag alone for the respect of the fallen who gave the ultimate Sacrifice "Do It Another Way " With All Of Your Millions!!! This is just further dividing a country it is not solving Anything but more Hatred for one Another! #COMBATVETERANMARINE #Semperfi #Took An Oath Against All Enemies Foreign And DOMESTIC!!

yung nuse

Your in the NBA