Black Jaguar-White Tiger

Listen to Karmita crying because I removed my finger from her mouth abruptly because Tierra was stalking me. Loot at how sad she was. What kills me about her leaving are 2 things: First, that she had her whole life ahead, and second, that even before she died I would always be amazed at how unique she was. When she died she took half of me with her. I'm not the same person that I was and I will never be the same. It's impossible. Once one experiences true happiness when it's removed one is empty. That's the best description that I can give. Sometimes I don't even remember with my mind why she was so special but my Heart carries that feeling. My world got shattered that day... Here, Karma was 6 months old, she died 4 months later... #KarmisForever #SaveLions #PapaBearChronicles




Låur 🦄

@blackjaguarwhitetiger why did sweet karma pass away? 😞


@henryross_stubbs omg she is so beautiful 😪

Thays Dranka

@camilaprosdocimo chorando porque ele tirou o dedo da boca dela 😂😂