Oliver (OliPie)

I'm driving Mommy crazy! For the past few days I have been excessively licking my paws! We know it's a sign of allergy but he hasn't been exposed to any new food! It is constant and Mommy is taking me to the vet next week but in the meantime does anyone else have this issue?!😩




Bridgette aka Little

Bridgette had itchy paws in CA when she went on the grass. We wiped her feet with chlorhexidine wipes. Sometimes have Benedryl. Good luck!

Kali, Honey, Fausto & Gucci

We use coconut oil !

Lisa Harris

My pup Jake does it ever so often. I thought it might be a sign of anxiety. It usually happens when it's very warm at night. We then turn the fans on him.

Upton, Corkie, & Co.

We do here. It's seasonal allergies with our bully. We wash His paws after walks and do betadine foot soaks and Benadryl at night. Hope you find something that works for you. 💙💙💙

💖Suzie Q✨

Simon does that when there's mold spores in the air from the leaves!