Anne Curtis

Pink hoodie. Just coz I'm a strong woman. Physically, mentally and emotionally.. . 💪🏼💘🌷🌸👊🏼. . . Which is also what I love about the characters I've seen wearing pink hoodies in the series I've watched.... Women are 💪🏼🤞🏼... They don't let anyone bring their spirits down.. 🙌🏼

It's Showtime Studio



Ohnny Bensan (Gina)

Aww c Bong Bong @jerlanriel , asan c Min Min


Do Bong Soon👍🏻❤️

c z a r e e n a 🌼

Bong booooong! ❤️🙈

s t a r r i r a y

Do Bong Soon💕

Grace Hope Mondano

Do Bong Soon!! lodi!