This view causes so many mixed emotions in my heart. Playing basketball in my teenage years, my twin sister and I were called the "twin towers" due to our position we played on the court and our height. Then, September 11 happened and everyone across the world witnessed the twin towers fall. With such a loss of life, our country stood united. I sat in my High School with my fellow students and teachers as we all witnessed the heart break our country felt together. Later on, we all graduated with our Gallatin High School Green Wave Class of 2004. One of these classmates was Tyler Ray Overstreet. He joined the United States Marines. He was then deployed to the Middle East, a few years after high school graduation, where he died fighting for our country. Flying over the Freedom tower brings so much sadness into my heart for all lives that were forever changed not only on September 11th, but the dates that followed. All the men and women who served our country, who's life has been altered by either first hand combat, or death. While we welcome fall and holiday seasons we also celebrate Ty's life of Sept 23, 1984 and his remembrance of Oct 24, 2006. Flying over the now "Freedom Tower" brings so much heartbreak into my life knowing you are no longer here with all of us but it also makes my heart happy and proud to know everything you did for our country. Not a day goes by that we don't all wish you were still here with us. We'll forever have our memories of your sense of humor and loving heart. We all love and miss you so much. Much love xoxo #marine #usa #freedom #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #tennessee

New York, New York



Brian O'Hare

This was sad but incredible!

TJC Girls Group

Sad, yet Beautiful❤️