Grand Ole Opry

It’s time for a little #TriviaTuesday! Did you know that Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were signed by the same record label when first starting out? Emerging rockabilly artists in the 1950s, both would go on to forge extraordinary careers. Want to revisit more 1950s country music history? 📻 Visit the link in our profile.




Olivia O'Neil

That's what I'm talking about, finally! Some real country on this page.

Seth Coley

Sun records


I loved the man Johnny became. Humble, loving and full of faith. It took many years of drugs and hell raising, but he finally found his path in this life.

Mindy Nelson

Oh yes sun records! Visiting that place was the best part of my Memphis trip! I love me some Elvis!!!

Kristen Parsniak-Harris

YES.. I knew that... sun records... along with Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins... Amazing Story on How everyone all started :)