Grand Ole Opry

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Grand Ole Opry



Missy Molitor

😎 very true and sincere, must be though have not heard the song yet nor do I know who he is. Though there is much truth in the song if it really represents the title. So please forgive me for not knowing him nor his music.

Diane Heinsch

Love this ❤️

jennifer :)

@tequilatrish omg. I had to do a double take hahaha

Tricia Leuchter

@jennybailey87 omg Chris janson totally looks like your Jonny boy, thought it was him at first glance! How effin cute!

Mary H

His new songs are spot on !!!! 😀😀❤️❤️

Karen Hooks Linden

Amazing performance tonight at Opry. Thanks for signing my Everything CD from the Carolina girl who loves Drunk Girl.