🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

We use these Nature’s Variety Instinct RawBoost Mixers Freeze-dried Dog Food Toppers for everything! They're made from really great ingredients. As a food topper they’re so simple to use, just dump them on. Even I can’t get that wrong! (Though Arlen begs to differ, he doesn’t think I'm giving him enough.) 😂 Arlen has the same brand of food and we love it, so adding some of these was a no-brainer. We also like using them as treats, they’re small enough that you don’t have to break them. If you try to break them they’re a bit crumbly, but if you don’t break them they stay together well. These give any meal an extra raw boost of flavor and nutrition! @instinctpetfood #chewyinfluencer I received these goodies free of charge from Chewy.com in exchange for my honest review. Thanks @Chewy! #woof #raw #dogfood #treats #rawdogfood #chewy





I'm ordering some today!!

Jo Maldonado

Love @chewy and love ur shot!

Charlie the Golden Retriever

Omg!!!!! I'm obsessed with that first picture. Such a GREAT action shot!!!! Terrific capture! So glad you like them. Thanks for the review.


@arlen_in_training We're thrilled Arlen enjoyed these and that they paired nicely with his food. Thanks fur sharing. 🐾🐶