🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

I don't think it wants to be friends with you, Arlen! 😱🐾💀 Ar wasn't sure what to think of this skeleton dog once it started opening it's mouth to howl! He still wanted to watch it after working around it a bit, so guess who's going back to visit this skeleton dog again later? 👍 We'll 'visit' it until he doesn't care about it anymore. I love using Halloween decorations for socialization and desensitization!




🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

@luna_and_echo Yay! I'm so glad! Any time. ☺️

Luna And Echo 💙💜

@abbyrosem @arlen_in_training we worked on it a little today following your advice. I can’t thank you guys enough. She did it! We worked around a car that would move up and down. (Totally scared her at first since it moved so suddenly) eventually we got to the point where she would lay underneath the area that would move up and down with no problem. I literally just had her walk to get my hand. The problem with having her touch the objects was she thought whatever she touched she’d get a treat for lmao so she’d touch shelves and look at me like she accomplished the biggest thing in the world.😂. She’s too quick on thinking. We also did a Frankenstein thing that would roar and move around a lot. She didn’t care at all within two minutes. Previous to this I would try to get her to just walk by while it was moving and she’d bark. I think I was moving too fast for her. She did great today with everything after I tried the touch thing. There was an issue with her thinking I said pull and she tried to hold the Frankenstein’s hand open for me lmao. At least I know it didn’t scare her. Thanks for the advice again!

Abigail Rose

@arlen_in_training @luna_and_echo I second that advice! My SDiT Blossom doesn’t have many fears but one that we had to work a ton on was the sound of escalators and elevators. For some reason they really freaked her out (Just the sound. We don’t go on them). So we found a place with escalators that was sort of quiet in terms of foot traffic. At first she didn’t even want to go in the doors to the building so anytime she got closer I would treat and just work on simple commands she knew like touch. Any forward progress was rewarded but I always made sure not to force her to go farther. Eventually we were able to re-associate the sound of escalators with good things like hot dogs. Not she’s totally cool. Elevators were similar in that we basically took babysteps towards going near, entering, staying in, and then riding in them. We use the same method of treats, easy commands, and slow progress anytime we run into something she’s hesitant about. I’ve found with B that she recovers faster from scary new experiences now that we’ve done it that way a few times because she’s gained a bit of confidence through it.


Omg...that's the Aubree look of complete curiosity..

🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

@luna_and_echo Start easy at a distance where she's more comfortable, run through some easy commands and give extra treats/praise. Slowly get closer at her own pace, if she can't focus then back up a bit. I like to have Arlen do 'touch' closer to objects he's not sure about. (Holding my hand nearer so he has to go towards it slightly to reach my hand.) And eventually touch the object itself. The goal is for them to be able to work and pay attention to you no matter what they're around, and trust your judgement. So if you show it's not a problem to you, you greet it, interact with it, turn your back to it and don't make it a big deal, it'll help them to realize it's ok too. I mean even if you want to hold a treat closer to it to get them to go closer (even if it's just an inch or two, it's a starting point.) anything to help them realize it's a good thing and ok. I admit Arlen has never been very afraid of many objects, he just takes a quick meeting or two and he's good, if the off chance he has a problem with it to start. He's unusual. But I've worked with dogs who weren't as bomb proof, and I know this works, you just have to go at their pace. But try running through commands at what she deems a safe distance, it'll help her refocus and learn she doesn't have to keep an eye on it, and become more comfortable around it. Try just walking past it at her safe distance, etc. Help make it not a big deal. ☺️ Rambling over. Let me know if you need clarification! 😂

Luna And Echo 💙💜

How do you get them used to things like that? Luna is okay but for some reason no matter how much I try she still won’t approach them. The first time we went she let out a huge boof and turned to walk away. We’re headed down to work on that stuff some more but it seriously bugs her.