Grand Ole Opry

Ole Red Tishomingo is officially open! 🐾♥️ Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate the grand opening! #PaintTishRed

Ole Red Tishomingo




@debbie.pieterse All of us can be at times. She's got a big heart. Loves him. And her and the boys were there to support him. Peace to you.

Kaitlin Lowe

@debbie.pieterse that's okay. You really should listen to her interviews! She's pretty cool and down to earth. Nothing like her stage persona. ☺️I think you'll like her.

Debbie Pieterse

@stepbystepdreamer You’re right, it’s not for me to judge.

Debbie Pieterse

@watson_80 You’re right. I can be a bit judgemental

Debbie Pieterse

@kati_lowe you’re right, I shouldn’t be judgemental

Bitch Stop

Greatest concert ever