Venus the Two Face Cat

One final and very special Halloween post from my @cuddleclones plush version of me @ Roo's @roothekangaroocat Cuddle Clone plush! 🙀 I've been a friend and fan of Cuddle Clones since they were a brand new company and HAD to share this Roo plush they made. 😻😻 Each Cuddle Clone plush is custom ordered, handmade, and specifically designed from scratch to look exactly like your furry family member(s). Do you like how they made Roo's clone in his kangaroo standing position? Check out their page to see how you can get a Cuddle Clone plush of your fur baby . You'll find lots of pics & info about their company and guess what.....they are ANIMAL RESCUE FRIENDLY and even give back a portion of their proceeds to animals in need! 🐾 Cuddle Clones has given us a special coupon code for you to get a 10% discount if you decide to order which is...... VENUS Thank you so much nice people at Cuddle Clones for doing such a great job capturing all of my unique colors and features as well as Roo's. Don't forget if your order to use your coupon code VENUS to get a 10% discount. 😽😽 #cuddleclones #custommade #oneofakind #notphotoshop #roo #venus #aww #omg




Lisa~ Cats And Jesus!

Omg how amazing is this👍😻😻❤️❤️❤️❤️


Focusing on that tiny little black thing (which is maybe a cat doll ) in front of them 😂😂😂

♥️Debbie 🙏🏻 Irwin♥️

Both Kitties look so sweet & cuddly 💗💗🐱🐱💗💗


süßes stofftier @diesecat

Jessa Bluestone

How long is the code good for?! I'd love to get this as a gift for someone but not sure when I'll be able to order it.


This is the coolest thing ever!

joszenna oliver

Wow get iutta here