Venus the Two Face Cat

🐾 Had to share this very creative and informative cartoon from @citythekitty and @redandhowling. 😺 🐾 Not all declawed cats suffer permanent damage (so please don't overlook declawed kitties in shelters) but enough have suffered to bring light to what the procedure really is. 🙀Follow @citythekitty or @pawproject for more info. 😽👻🎃🐾🐾 #Repost ......From @citythekitty (@get_repost) ・・・ Word! 👍🏻#pawsneedclaws #ouijaboard #halloween Please thank @redandhowling for this awesome cartoon video and for helping our cause!!!!😽❤️ #stopdeclawing Please tag a friend to help get the word out that declawing is inhumane and harmful to their cats! 🙏🏻😽Spooky tune by @bryanaspey ☺️





That’s a horrible game


This is so cute!

David 💕 Noah 💕 👪 🐈🐕

I don’t understand declawing, it’s common sense cats scratch a lot if you don’t like it don’t get a cat, simple really


@pedrolopez06 thank you for the response!

Pedro López C.

@hannah.smh dont declaw her, she would be fine if you cut only the tip of the "nail". Thats what I do with my cat @arthur_the_cowcat and he is totally fine. Just dont cut too deep or she might feel uncomgortable.


@tutseeroll same now im worried