Thank YOU, @psquared_22! ・・・ As I prepare to leave Minnesota..... I just want to thank the @minnesotalynx organization for allowing me the opportunity to be surrounded by so many great people! I would also like to thank the Lynx fans for welcoming me with open arms! Thank you to the @wnba for this amazing 15 season ride I have been on! Lastly but not least.... Thank you to my amazing teammates, that have become sisters, for an incredible season and helping me conclude my career exactly the way I envisioned it! This has been an amazing journey that I will never forget and always cherish! #ThankYou #WNBA #Champion #LosLynx #Blessed #3TheHardWay #LeagueLegend #OnToTheNextChapter #PiersonPassion




"White CoCo"👑

We will miss you

Freddy Serna

Thank you! @psquared_22 you’ll be missed😭


Thank you Ladies for having such an awesome team!

Anne McInerney

Glad you won a championship in your final year. Best wishes to you

Susan Kane

We are going to miss you 😘 Thanks

Akinade Bolaji

You're welcome.

Kristi Wraspir

You were a great addition to the team this season, and play the game with great joy and toughness. Thank you, and best to you in your next chapter.