Maggie Gyllenhaal

“Lucky me...” @hbo #thedeuce ep 5




thaddeus buttmunch

OMG-the Bad man hurt my Turtledove...and got AWAY with it (again!)

Hayley Malesa

You are so amazing in this show!!!


Great shw

thaddeus buttmunch

In Episode 5, the ONLY bastard I wanted to kill MORE than that Evil John, was the hospital resident (and I'm an MD myself.) "LUCKY?!?" Lady, you'd be off the street and in my arms the same day. And, then I'd hunt down the assailant!!

Shelly Platt

Deuce based on 1970 pulp erotica. https://www.amazon.com/Take-Her-Dark-Side-things-ebook/dp/B073G1WQ9C

Scar Tissue

I am so AMAZED bout ure work at the deuce! Just finished this episode and u are such an FLAWLESS actress. I am a 30 years old Brazilian obsessed bout the old 70/80's New York. And this show is giving me life. U are soooo good! Congratulations @mgyllenhaal 🌹

Tara Westwood

Your work in this episode is over the moon fantastic. The scene on the street where Rodney tries to get you to join him is perfection. Maggie Flanigan always says you should be able to mute a performance and still understand the actions and what's happening; we don't need to hear a single word for us to get it. Great work.