🐾 Arlen & Kristina 👣

We're going on a hay ride to a corn maze and pumpkin patch! Arlen is so excited, he remembers this from last year! I'll try to get pictures even though it's already getting dark. 😀




Casser The Big Red Dog

@lisajanesimmons if your answer is because it shows they aren't trained, let me ask you this: if a dog has a collar and leash on (tools, just like a head halter) does that mean the dog doesn't know how to maintain a heel? No. The answer is no. The presence of tool does not define the skill level of an animal. Many disabilities benefit from added communication of a tool. Do they need it? No. Do they benefit from it? Yes. Perhaps if you are concerned about a tool meaning a lack of training you should contact the many guide dog, mobility dog, and other service dog programs that are well established and effective that use tool or different kinds such as a head halter. Using a term like "never" when viewing something with a closed mind can be harmful to those involved. Perhaps before commenting in ignorance next time, you take a moment to question if you are misinformed/uneducated regarding the topic you seem to so firmly believe you have an answer to. Especially when you weren't asked for your incorrect view 🤗

Lisa Simmons

Service dogs should never wear a haltie


Diggin the boots, my friend! 👍🏻

Blaze the Husky

@arlen_in_training thanks for the answer!

🌟Castiel & Maranda🌟

I agree. I put boots on Cas whenever the situation and weather warrants it!