Kevin Hart

Thanking God for this beautiful strong woman that I am lucky enough to still be calling my wife today. You are truly amazing....Love you. #WCW #WCE#MyFuckingRib #Harts ....P.S please feel free to insert your hate below....Im as strong as it gets people so that shit doesn't phase me. Im not a bitch which is why my page isn't private. I hope your negativity makes your day better. Love ya





Kvien I still love all u do.. I'm going thru something right now and ur movie's and comedy is making us laugh 😄 and keeping strong as family... Years ago I went through something similar... .. But I realize what god has for you is just for you.. No matter what u are going thru you can still be blessed and come out amazing.. We all fall short.. But have to remain strong.. I know you get many comments.. But if you happen to read mine... no that I'm lifting you up and not bring you down.. I'm just a million in one fan of yours... But everything to the man above peace and love. Iamkellyrenee. ❤️😙


Everyone of us stumble in this get up and learn not to go down that path again... keep your head up love is deeper than some can comprehend. 💛💗💛

Michele Nared

Mr Hart no one is perfect we all fall short an get back up but in the end we relize what's important in life u are just a man who is still growing


Congrats and thanks for all the laughter!!!!


Congratulations and all but man @torreihart looks fucking sexy as hellllll !!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnn