Enon Avital

HT407 / You may have noticed that my theme this week was same’ah שמח. Happiness. Apropos that the holiday which we consider a time for happiness (sukkot) fell at the same time as world mental health day. What does it mean exactly to be happy? I don’t think such a state exists; rather happiness is a journey of contentment, of being satisfied with the things I have. Your happiness isn’t the same as mine, necessarily, but for the next three days I’ll be away and focusing on counting my blessings. Journeying towards happiness, whatever it may be. #חגשמח #etroglettering




Harley's Food Art™

Damn impressive!

Emily Tatstah

@e_known I'm so flattered my joy means so much to you 😍😍😍

Enon Avital

@tatstah yes! Life mission accomplished


פוסט נפלא 🍋מסע שמח!!