Theron Humphrey

A place of peace I’ve always found is sitting under a tree or out in an open field. A place to go and recenter. And that’s what I love most about being a photographer, I can live my life in that sort of place. I love assembling ideas, dreams really, of places and people and memories and feelings. - So this is my dream, a reality too, a feeling of a story I lived. Sitting in a field with my buddy @gregoryalanisakov, drinking wine, listening to songs, being here. - Everything belongs ✨

Boulder, Colorado




@eilla87 so jealous. That voice 🙌🙌🙌 @gregoryalanisakov


This is the dream... @gregoryalanisakov is my fav



Sue Morris

And a wonderful week in Colorado! Snow on Monday, sunny the rest of the week! 😀🐶