Mr Cee Comedian

❤️️🦋Sleeping Well My Donette Rests - Her Unconditional Love As Always Remains - Floating Over & Thru Our Family - Her Spirit Never Died - It Acended & Lives Within Each Heart That Her Life Has Touched 🦋❤️️ 3:40pm 🦋marked 1 whole year since my She-ro, passed away peacefully. It has been a year of learning to live without that 'beat' in my heart... a year of smiling without that 'light' in my soul... and a year of being stronger in mind without doubting... For I know everyday & every step I take, all that I am, is a personification of my Mothers Life & my Mothers Nature. Yes I'm still wounded, yes I still hurt & from the hurting I wound others too, not thru choice, but thru pain. In time I will forgive myself as sorry is not enough just yet. I'm learning to love my time right here & right now & all that share 'this place in time' with me too Mumsie, but it's damn hard sometimes Ma... Damn hard, but still, I do try... sometimes. Over time, over you, over & over again, I've cried, I've laughed... whilst reflecting, as I remember my Idol & Donette. I've selfishly wished for JUST ONE MORE DAY just to hear your voice, see your smile, hold your hand & kiss you bye bye one more time... But you send me signs, so many signs for me to know that YOU & THE MASTER were ready that day... And that on that day HOME YOU MUST GO. Your passing broke my heart into tiny pieces, but Mother it's STILL your love & will ALWAYS BE THAT LOVE that holds all those pieces, perfectly in place... Super Glued with memories that bind your DNA with my DNA 🦋❤️🦋 ❤️🦋🎼Never Would've Made It🎼 I'll Be Thinking Of You🎼 🦋❤️ 12th October 2017 #mother #rip #unconditionallove #spirit #legacy #missyou #motherson #donette #family




Louise Ed

Your hurt maybe broken 💔 but her love 💕 and all her wise words will give you comfort. She will always be with you. I am looking forward to Friday when you will do her proud and make her and us laugh again. Nuff ❤️ Mr Cee 😘

eshe escoffery

Her Joy is all around u 💜💙❤️💜💚💜

Hayley Kellerman

I'm not gonna lie that Got me Bro 💔😓 Donette 💛💜 RIP


Granny 😫💔💔