Enon Avital

HT408 / You’ve probably heard of an en–dash, em—dash and the regular old dash-dash. But Hebrew has a special one called upper־dash, which for the most part is pretty much like a regular dash, used for things like repeating-repeating words-words. In chocolate here we have an upper־dash #ambigram of shwayeh-shwayeh שוויה־שוויה: a phrase of Arabic origins meaning “chill, one moment buddy, take your time.” Next time you’re feeling anxious, just reach for a bar of the nearest chocolate and remember to take things shwayeh־shwayeh. #mesimaivrit

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Alberto Sierra

Ooooh!! Really nice composition Enon!! 😍😍

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Your detail is sick

Enon Avital

@miss_m_creative 😎😘 תודה. שבוע מתוק