Cakenis™️ Broochless Just-Hook

Assalamualaikum Cakenisan. It’s me, Cake. You know I’ve always talked to you guys through this account but after a while there’s just too much to juggle. Sometimes we go for months without talking to each other and then out of nowhere I drop a bomb and a new collection comes out. I feel bad, I feel like Cakenisan needs a better support system. I want you to be able to suggest things and share ideas like how we used to during the earlier days of Cakenis. I would love for all your critics and compliments to be heard and followed through, making Cakenis better each day. I don’t care if you’re a Cakenisan way back from the Bora series, or just recently from the Okinawa collection. You are very dear to me and with that, I want to introduce to you my girl soon, let’s just call her, Cakenis PR Girl. OMG I am so boring bahaha. But anyway, hopefully, she can be your listening ears and faithful buddy. I won’t be on this account anymore. Now we can all move forward and make greater collections in future (hint hint) ! I really can’t wait. Oh and Cakenisan, please be good to my CP Girl. – Signing out, Cake 🍰




Hani Arina Amran

want bawal a lottt

Aisyah Adnan

Im always a fan of cakenis! 😘


@maharcollections Please get this for me soon if ampit and ada hehehehe

Suhana Saad

Printed Ni hope material chiffon ler

Suriana Basrin

Wowwww cant wait

Nur Shahira

Nakkkkk bawallllll plisssss