Photo by @brittneybeadle Brittney Beadle (@brittneybeadle) does not put off anything for tomorrow. “Do it now,” she advises. “Live in the moment and enjoy your life.” In May 2015, Brittney was diagnosed with metastatic (stage 4) breast cancer, at the age of 18. “I felt I was alone,” Brittney says. “There are some young women in their 20s who I found, but still no one who was “my age” young, with breast cancer.” By sharing her journey, she hopes to help others in a similar position. “Whenever I have to go through a new treatment that’s really hard — like when I had radiation to my brain — I think, ‘OK. Yes, this sucks. I have to do this. But you know what? I get to live.’” #BreastCancerAwareness




Vinícius Júlio

Tenha fé em Deus você conseguiu

Shenoouda Shenoouda

Don't your afraid

Shenoouda Shenoouda

My gods is found

thomas mouchon

salut coucou belle profil

Kay Laughlin

Bless you and your journey.been there,stay positive.

Reyes Borras

Mucho animo y Suerte!! 😘😘