☀️ MINDFULLY + GENTLY LOVE YOUR MORNINGS ☀️ You might dislike me for saying this ⚡️, but I love mornings, no actually I adore them. I know, AM's aren't for every one, but only 15% of the population are night 🦉 owls, so most of us biologically should be ready to go in the Morning. It's our lifestyle + habits that get us cursing the early hours. The AM is honestly a big part of my lifestyle, routine and self, and thrive before the sun comes up. It's my favourite time of day, and most often than not I'm up before 5:30am with energy, vigour and a zest for life. They are a creative haven for me, and I love getting up with Mr. Sun and breathing in a state of gratitude for every single thing in my life. The thing is I wasn't always like this, and when I was my sickest with Lyme Disease, I literally could not go to bed until 4am, so you best believe I wasn't getting up at five. Please know this transition took time, patience, mindful attention and checking in with what my body truly wanted, not just at bed time or in the morning, but actions and thoughts that took place during my waking hours. Just like healing takes time, sometimes, and most often than not months, and years, so does creating new habits and rituals. You can create new neural pathways and habits, but that's only if you want to change current behaviours and actions... CONT ON THE BLOG ☀️ My tips for shifting your cycle + reprogramming your bod. #morning #linkinbio #lifebyleeseGLOW #goodmorning #healthiswealth

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Wow is this you place?? Beautiful bedding!!