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Mary Todd Lincoln, Bear, Meriwether Lewis, Opie, Francis, & Belle – Dachshund, mix, Cockapoo, Hound mix, & "Tennessee Brown dogs", Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN @parnassusbooks @marytoddlincolncoffman * Nashville: Come out to Barktoberfest tomorrow (10/21) to meet me, get your books signed, and have the chance to get your dog photographed and featured by me! 12pm-5pm at The Woods at Fontanel, Whites Creek, TN • thedogist.com/book for more details




Rachel Brooks

Opie looks like he has a tuxedo 🤵

Andriana Lamb Morris

@natemorris83 the 4th pup looks like Melvin!

Corinne 🐸

@zodavbow OMG! Look at that face! Such a cutie.