Dorie Schwarz

Join me while I over-deliberate on my next knitting project. Yes, this vintage cashmere is soft and gray and would make a pretty cardigan. But, do I really want to knit at this gauge and how would it feel over a long sleeve shirt? Maybe it should be a neck accessory, but would that take advantage of the quantity I have? Perhaps a loose gauge boxy pullover would be better? Oh my goodness, it doesn't matter. #knitting #deliberative





Yay for making a decision! I deliberate too...

Dorie Schwarz

@px4color I've decided to do a cardigan that his been in my queue a long time. Think it will work out!


It would be an amazing sweater!

pamela (pam)

πŸ‘€ I spotted a gray cashmere cardigan at TJMaxx in A2 you could try on to see and maybe help you with determining how you want yours to fit.

Sarah Iva Records

This is my knitting m.o. as well ! Such a struggle 😩

Sarah Minshall

It totally doesn't matter. That yarn is positively lovely! 😍