The Dogist

Meet these pups and 30 more at #PetCon! Use code: DOGIST to get 20% off your tickets (offer expires in 24 hours!) Use the link in my bio or go to petinsider.com/petcon to get your tickets. Can't wait to see you there! * Toast, Pants, & Muppet, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Japanese Chin (12 & 10 y/o), Chelsea, New York, NY • “Toast is gearing up for Halloween. Muppet is looking for a boyfriend. Pants is looking for a job – an internship preferably. She’s looking to learn.” @toastmeetsworld




Kendall Lindsay

@swimminginge bahaha! And their tongues 🤦🏻‍♀️😂


@kendalll22 omg Toast!!!! She is the sweetest little baby 😍😍😍

Kendall Lindsay

@swimminginge I knew I saw them!!!

Donna Price

@samanthaprice122 awe it reminds me of a Smithers pup

Sam Price

That face reminds me of Kiera 😢 @donna_jp_


@gabymalone omg can’t :(