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Hello Book Dragons! 💗🌸✨ Hey y’all! Sorry for not posting yesterday! I was on the go all day long! I was up early to get my hair done then helping with last minute things at the wedding and we were there all day long. Needless to say I came home and crashed! I’ve been having a pretty lazy Sunday as well, been laying around watching movies w my boyfriend, but I’m about to start reading some Harry Potter later! As some of you know I haven’t read all the books, I read up to book 4 and only half of that. So I feel like I need to restart so that’s just what I’m gonna do! 😍 • Since I’m talking about HP I thought it was only fitting to share some FB love! I’m talking my boyfriend into getting me some FB wands for my birthday so fingers crossed 😋 I love reading HP with the Butterbrew Float candle from @writteninwaxco . It smells so good and just screams fall! 🍂😍 y’all can save 10% off your purchase with my code ‘SOULS10’ 🍂




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Gorgeous photo! 😍


Such a pretty picture 😍❤️