Elijah Szasz

Day 33: Things that made me happy today. To be honest, it’s much more difficult to do this on gnarly work days when I don’t have any breaks. I have to dig a lot deeper and look for the fleeting moments or big picture surroundings of the space outside may computer screen and phone. Happy to wake up to hugs from Oliver. Getting an early start to make and it breakfast burritos with the kids. Having a few extra minutes with Oliver while Danielle took Stelly to school. For living so close to my office that forgetting my laptop charger at home only meant a 15 minute round trip jaunt on my bike (which also made me happy). That I have so many health to-go eating options near work for those days when munching over a keyboard is necessary. Searching some photography of local shots, and realizing what beautiful and iconic place I live in. That my week of migrating computer workstations is just about complete. For a delicious dinner that Danielle cooked to be waiting for me minutes after my last call for the day wrapped up. How funny Oliver is, even in his moments of peaking at being a turd. I seriously have such a hard time not laughing, even when he is doing horrible things. Having a bit of time before bed to fight with him (his favorite). Looking forward to cranking my Chilipad down to 60 degrees in anticipation of a very hot night. #100happydays

Santa Monica, California



Peter Abraham

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