The Noble Collection UK

Here at the Noble Collection there's been a slight case of sausage fingers and we accidentally deleted the previous post of this image instead of replying to a comment 🙈 However, it's a great opportunity to repost and tell you that both new Niffler plushes and the Demiguise Plush are now live on our website! Link for our website is in our bio #noblecollection #demiguise #niffler #fantasticbeasts #plush




The Noble Collection UK

@lnhruzek Hi, if you get in contact with Noble US through www.noblecollection.com they should be able to provide you with more information ☺️


@benita_ma es gibt ihn schon! I already got my demiguise! Love it 😍

Lauren H

How do we get these in the U.S ?


@elbenwald Auch bald bei euch verfügbar? 😄