Run free in heaven my handsome boy.. I hope there's a swimming pool there so you can swim all day.. and I hope you get a lot of yummy foods and lots of belly rubs.. we'll meet again someday ❤️🌈




dr. morina happy sembiring

Oh my god... i’m so sad to know that jacob has passed away.. 😢😢 tadinya bingung, kenapa post foto2 nya waktu kecil.. ternyata... 😭😭 sorry..

Jacob Bishop

I’m so sorry for your loss. Please share with me how are you coping up. I really need to know coz my tears won’t stop flowin. 😭💔

Isabella Mulgrew

This is heart breaking. I lost a golden 5 Year’s ago to blood cancer :( I’m getting a full bread golden in a few weeks and get to meet her this Saturday (she’ll be 4 weeks old) good luck with your new lil sweet pup ❤️❤️

Eci 🐄

Omg ternyata udah ke surga yg tdi aq blg kyk Oline + lucky.. RIP Jacob,, merry Christmas 🖤 @ryanputramandiri


Beautiful tribute ❤️💔I cannot stop crying!! I miss my dog 🐶 always .. Irs been 3 years 💙