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SUCCESS STORY! Two weeks ago we shared Fifteeny, a five-year-old lab mix who was returned to @pawschicago after fives years in a home. Joni (@abobobook) saw Fifteeny on @dogsofshelters and decided it was time to welcome him into her family's home. Read the heartwarming story below! "I have been following @dogsofshelters on Instagram since our beloved Gym-the-Dog died from cancer in September. We weren't really planning on getting another dog, but I liked seeing the posts about dogs. We were traveling with friends and I was scrolling through my Instagram feed over lunch on Friday, November 3rd. There he was: "ATTENTION CHICAGO" and I was captivated by that adorable face! I told my husband that I wanted to inquire and the four of us talked about the doggie all weekend. I messaged @pawschicago on Instagram and filled out the thorough online adoption application. After the weekend, I called to follow up and learned that he was being fostered and would return to the shelter at noon on Friday. So, a week later we were in Chicago to meet him and bring him home! It was a 12-hour adventure. Our doggie was number 15 of a litter of 18, so Fifteeny was a serial number, of sorts. His family had gotten him from PAWS about five years ago and they called him Parker. They loved him dearly but, when they had twins, there was some elder "sibling" anxiety. PAWS is a lifetime shelter, and his family brought him back, where he officially became Fifteeny again (and some of the staff called him Parker too). The people at Paws Chicago were a delight to work with. It was readily apparent that the team that we worked with when we visited — Cait, Joan, Joey, and Louis — love working with animals and with people who love animals. As they all told us, Fifteeny was a real favorite. We are calling him Parker, since he knows that name, and he seems very happy about that. We've had several nice 5-mile walks in the Village, and he is a dream come true on a leash. He is a very good boy and we are so happy that he's joined our lives!” A big congrats to Parker on his new home! ❤️




Shannon T.

So happy it all worked out!

Joni Herren Graves

@harleythedalmatian Thanks! Those are adorable dotters!


Love it! ❤️🐾 Feel free to check out my profile if you like spotted, goofy puppers 😘

Joni Herren Graves

@pammrene and a happy beginning too!