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ATTENTION FLORIDA! Meet Bailey. Her owners are moving overseas and cannot take their sweet girl along. They are looking to rehome her. Bailey is an 8-year-old female terrier mix who is in perfect health and is current on all vaccinations and shots. Bailey loves to sleep, play, and going for walks on the beach. Bailey has been with her family since she was 4 months old when they rescued her from a shelter in California. According to her family, Bailey “has been a wonderful part of our family and is so forgiving/tolerant of our two young children. Please contact us if you think you could add Bailey to your home and heart. This could be a long term adoption of our girl or a forever home as we’re not sure if we’ll be overseas for many years or not.” Contact Kristin at 828-674-1049 for more information on Bailey.




Maritza Vazquez Soto

@missmandaxiii For real, how shameless!

Maritza Vazquez Soto

@elembekay I'm in shock here too!

Maritza Vazquez Soto

@53bia They probably are up for adoption too! Unbelievably cold hearted, ugh!!

Amanda Lombardi

"This could be a long term adoption for our girl," yeah, no shit. You think someone's just going to take in your dog until you get back and decide you want her again?


I’m a shelter dog!!! Rescued last year