Cakenis™️ Broochless Just-Hook

That's right girls. You all probably already know by now that Cakenis will be having an event soon to celebrate Cakenis' 2 years anniversary. For some food, fun, and ofcourse, to meet our Cakenis family, we are giving away an exclusive invitation to one lucky winner (She'll get to bring a friend too!). Want to be part of Lily Cake's big launch? Just follow these simple steps: . 1) Post a Cakenis related photo 2) In your caption, tell us how much Cakenis means to you. Tag friends that you'd like to bring with you to this event. 3) Tag @cakenis in your photo and.. 4) Don't forget to hastag #LilyCake #ChoosingTheOne ! 5) Remember to put your profile to 'public' so we'll be able to see your entry! . Contest ends 24 November 2017. Multiple entries are allowed. Winners will be chosen based on best photo and caption so get creative! All the best girls, I wonder who will be the special girl I'll get to meet at the event! #CakenisPRGirl





can restock again @cakenis please 🙏🙏🙏


@mizamarsh rm170..ready stok

Noor Nadia

price pls ?


How muchjhhhhh

cakenis istanbul signature kl

@elmer4a whatapp 0126349524 for preorder

cakenis istanbul signature kl

@eyqaabdgafar whatapp 0126349524 for preorder