Gabriel "Ariel" Rivera

“Long live the king.” 🐃🦁 . . This is mostly just the beginner stages of playing around with a new tail design. I knew I wanted to try something more on the realm of a tribal themed tail, but the cool thing about tribal is that there’s no one way to do it. I started thinking about doing something based on @thelionking after I rewatched the musical again on my computer and something from on high was telling me to do something based on the wildebeest from the Stampede. I used the pattern for the upper part of the tail as well as the eyes and the fins to give the appearance of ears. I colored the fins to look like the sunrise from the Circle of Life opening number and then added a splash of teal on the bottom. Though I may change it to blue to match the Kintei cloth that Zazu’s attire is made out of. I want to do a matching top inspired by the lioness corsets. The tail base I used for this was the Empress fluke by @evartfxstudio and I decided to name this particular design “Mamela.” Ten points if you can guess which song the name comes from. . . . . . . #noncosplay #myart #crystalheartdrawsthings #design #costumedesign #mermaidtail #tribal #africantribalmask #thelionking #inspiredbydisney #wildebeest #stampede #thelionkingmusical #broadway #longlivetheking #lgbtmermaid #crossdressingmermaid #stampedeinthegorge #mufasasdeath