My second Christmas when I got put to work as reindeer. It was a cruddy job tbh Santa got to eat the good treats all I got was a carrot. 😒 Just wanted to say I'm iz gonna be v v brave at the vets today, I haz it all planned out I'm just gonna go and get the treats dey give u for sitting on the table and then get the heck outta there! Thank you to everyone that's wished me well for today it means an awful lot to us and especially Mum. I got dis I know it ❤❤❤ Philly xxxxxx





Can you give us an update on Philly? @the_blueboys


Love and prayers...

Teresa Maston

Praying for you Philly!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Catherine Padgett

Awwwwww love u guys x

LJW 󾓦󾓪🐾🐶

Hi Philly, we are just seeing this today. We hope all went well with vet. 🐶❤️😘


Sending you so much love Philly! To you and Darren and your mum and dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️