Just in time for the holiday parties, we drop a limited edition of our latest lip colour obsession: the fluid foil lip duo! Find out how to use it on #HMMagazine





@rockbridge94 your absolutely right and thats all the more reason they should put black models and white models with curly and straight hair just so no one can have any thing to say🤷🏽‍♀️

Miyu Rockbridge

@makeupphilly But then there would be people shaming the model for her straight hair saying she she is ashamed to be black and trying to please white people. Then they be calling the company rasict for hiring a black model with straight hair. You can't win in these times. There is always going to be someone pointing a finger.


Why does every black woman or little girl modeling for y'all have to have short or curly hair??🤔 we as black people also have long beautiful straight hair as well smh we don't only have curly hair or an Afro 🙄

Rese W.⚱️

Beautiful black queen ✊🏾✊🏾


A dancing monkey

Div Patel

Stop making clothes in sweatshops @hm