Venus the Two Face Cat

#fbf 2013 sitting with mama the day I came back from being hospitalized for a urinary blockage. A blockage rarely happens in females but it’s one of the most common things emergency vets see male cats coming in with. We’re so good at hiding pain that by the time you realize something is wrong it’s an absolute emergency. I spent days in an emergency vet and another few days with my personal vet hooked up to an IV and catheter flushing my bladder of struvite crystals. After I came home I still had issues to overcome like incontinence. It was an ordeal but I was fortunate to have a vet who went above and beyond for me! Please do a google search on urinary tract infections (which can become a blockage as in my case) and familiarize yourself with causes, symptoms, and what to expect if it happens to your kitty. We all wonder at times why “bad” things happen to us. It’s so rare that females get blocked but if it didn’t happen to me, I wouldn’t be able to share my story with so many of you. I’ve been told my many people that similar posts like this I’ve done in the past helped someone identify there was a problem and potentially saved their kitty’s life. It feels great to make a difference!! Please share to help spread awareness. 😺😺 #awareness #spayandneuter #knowthesigns




Lorraine Matthews

Hope you are feeling better soon, they are nasty things to have my girl Calypso Raven Spirit was poorly with it. Really not nice

Ivone Chaves