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I’d also like everyone to meet my friend King here. King recently got placed with his forever partner, and they work together as an AMAZING team. He is a PTSD Service Dog and provides services for his veteran handler such as waking him up during bad dreams and keeping him calm throughout the day. After talking to his handler (they’ve only been together about a month) he told me how well king is doing. They go to restaurants together, wrestling matches, and soon he will be accompanying his partner at work too. Such a great dog, a silent but perfect partner. ❤️ I am not the only one getting help from the service dog center. Since I have been there, three dogs have been placed and now It seems to be my turn ❤️🐾 I am so excited.




NIHMH ft. Norah, Jones, Khoena

I can't believe the time is almost here!! ☺️❤️ I am over the moon for you and can't wait to take you and your own partner out to celebrate! 🎊


Wishing you luck finding your new service pup!

Phantom 🐾

What an amazing boy! I'm sure you'll find your own match soon enough! 💓