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Does anyone have a moment to stop and say hi to Grit?! Grit is a seizure alert dog paired with one of the facilities volunteers. Grit has scent-based training, and can smell the odor changes in his owner before he has a seizure. His owner tells me that since receiving Grit, he has had almost no major seizures. Grit is able to let him know a seizure is coming; and he can use a magnet over his chest to keep one from coming. Grit also helps with basic tasks such as shutting doors and picking things up. My favorite command to see is when his owner asks for a “hug,” and he happily complies :) Grit and his partner have been together for two years now - the bond is so strong that they pretty much read the others minds. Three cheers for Grit!!!




Phantom 🐾

Hello Grit!! You're so cute, and such a helpful pup! Keep up the good work! 💓


Yeah Grit! Good dog and so beautiful💙🐶