Lots of you may have seen our story this afternoon we took Philly to the vet with some suspicious lumps that popped up on his back in the last week. The vet has said that he's 99% sure they are cancer. Most likely mast cell tumours. We are devastated. The vet does think that if we cut them out there's every chance that Philly will be cancer free and totally fine. But we need to wait to send the lumps away so they can tell more about what's in them and the chance of it being through his body. The operation is currently booked for next Monday but we are going to bring it forward because I don't think I can deal with the agony of waiting a week. I feel that Philly is still very happy and not worried at all by the lumps. He's still guzzling down his dinner and pulling his usual food stealing tricks. I am confident he will be ok but it's tough to hear that he may have cancer in his body even after cutting the lumps out. My baby boy is only 5 so surely this isn't it for him. Any way, I just wanted to let you guys know that my little man is going in for a big operation and to say a little wish for him. ❤ We are working through the day and night lately to get all of your leads and collars, match your dog hoodies and match your dog pjs to you by Christmas, and this won't change. Our @darrenandphillip customers are so incredibly important to us and we are doing absolutely everything we can to make you happy. But I just want to say that with the pressure of the workload and feeling that my baby is sick I may just need to take a very very small breather from the wonderful land of social media. I've never done this before and I love being here but I have to admit I am feeling like I need it. Next week, on Tuesday, I will be hosting a huge fundraiser on our Facebook page. We are going to try do something super huge for our rescues just before Christmas. So we will still be here trying to organise that but I just may not be posting silly happy pics of the boys for now or replying to as many DM's which I'm very sorry about. If you've ordered anything at all from @darrenandphillip we promise you we will still be doing everything we can to get your order to you by Christmas. ❤




Biggie V DogPound

Praying for him @the_blueboys Pls watch The Truth about Pet Cancer @rodneyhabib and @ty.charlene.bollinger did with @drkarenbecker - amazing things to arm yourself with and help your dogs when they get cancer. It's powerful and @ketopet have some amazing stories of dogs who have survived and thrived when they have had cancers... pray it helps you guys... it's for every pet lover as it shows what you can do now to ensure they are healthy and that they live long lives😘🙏🏼♥️

Maddy Edwards

Hope Philly feels better and recovers quickly

MaryAnn EA

oh no..... 5 is so young. There are so many options.... I pray he recovers and is ok.

Victoria Terreros

Happy New Year and my prayers for Philly! 🐕

Zoe ( Zo-e)

Happy New Year boys, any update on Philly?


@the_blueboys how is Philly doing? What did the vet say please and thank you? ❤️🙏🏻