Billie Joe Armstrong

#toofastforlove #therightwaytoplaypowerpop #whenahashtagwascalledapound #nikkidoyouhaveanyextracopiesoforiginalvinyl





Hey did this exchanveever happen?

Gianna M.🔥🤘🎸

hell yeah! @billiejoearmstrong glad you like this awesome album! rock on! 🤘🏼

Ken Mochikoshi-Horne

@nikkisixxpixx @billiejoearmstrong Got my Leathur Records version for $8 in Tokyo few years ago!!

Tionekate Jacobs

@jackp_16 Glad that you liked that Trüe story. I was out with my brother the other day when this song came on. So I look over to him and ask if he remembers and he immediately told me to shut up. 😂 This shit never grows old!!! Have a good one!

Blink Twice

@tionekate lmao that made my day man. I'm another Crüe head


Love to see you like this amazing album