Utah Jazz

Final here in CLE #UTAatCLE




zachary gourley

Its all right

Fly Guy

@that_one_guy_u_know99 right, and Hood and Johnson are in the way, team was way better without them, AB was playing like a all star when they were out, he should be starting, won't make the playoffs with those starters

Fly Guy

@drewthegingy and Johnson and Hood, and they won't win with AB getting 20 minutes, he was putting up big numbers before Hood and Johnson came back, get rid of those two, Mitchell hasn't been the same since

Fly Guy

@ladiesman.theycantresist preach, what is everyone watching.lol.AB should definitely be starting and playing more than Hood and Johnson

Fly Guy

@ladiesman.theycantresist exactly, well said we agree 100%

Jackie's Boy JB💯

Anybody notice since Hood and Johnson came back the jazz are back losing, and AB is back to the bench, when they were out AB played great him and Mitchell and they went on that win streak, why is ingles starting, you can't win with them starters period, they will be playing for a 8th seed once again!

Kc Stoner

@erichtyler still not a fan of them