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“Our 3 legged tripod, Pheobe Rose, is a 1 and a half year old Husky, Malamute, god knows what, rescue from Harlem, Kentucky. She was dropped off in a box full of puppies and her leg completely gone and scapped over. We just recently found out she has severe hip dysphasia in both hips. We know quality over quantity in years is how we want to approach her life. She is missing her left front paw. Eventually we will have to get her a wheelchair dog cart and one day she might have to endure the pain of double hip replacement. For now, she is living her best life by ALWAYS herding her other pack members (one 3 legged friend and our 13 year old greyhound). She never would have gotten out of her situation alive if she wasn’t a fighter. I know this is quite the rant but I get emotional and passionate because she is such an amazing dog that god blessed us with and the poor dog has so many health issues it’s amazing how uplifting her spirit is. Have a blessed day ❤️🐾😊” writes @tripawd_life




Dogs Is My Love

This is awesome :)

Tony Pagano

Gorgeous baby!!

Alyson Hilary

@sarahe20 aw she's sweet

Brenda Rizza

She's adorable and sounds like she has wonderful parents!