Aansa Nadeem

Collab with @tasmia__97 She tells me I am confused and oppressed, by ill tongued misogynists. She wants to white wash me, purify me, she wants to destroy every figment of my history, in hope to abolish me. - She wants to make me oblivious. She wants me to stop being so naive, she wants me to speak out She wants me to voice her ignorance Aloud - So I can look the part In the drama she is staging. Every line of mine pervading with hatred and of course terror. Fear mongering the crowds of the theatre and beyond. To tell the world that I'm the terrorist from Syria Though below my lines of fire are her stage directions Bracketed and cloaked Behind the theatre of name-hoax That hides my identity But shares my name - I am the political abomination that purrs away at every demand, I am the hostility that is created and embarked. I am unlike the passiveness around me, I am the living deprived, seeking an education from the poverty. - My voice and actions are left with my clothes in the dressing room, where she gets me ready for the drama called Make a Terrorist of the Farmer. - But though she breaks into my dressing room. My intent she cannot get through too and everyday I will keep it alive to make it stronger than her facade that will one day lose crowds, for she is the inducer of fear. Irrational and fake. She is the English Defence League, the islamophobe with the warped ideology for peace and love. #poets #poetsofinstagram #writingcommunity #words #poems #terrorism #islamophobic #bias #poetrycommunity